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Associated DR10 Custom Bearing kit No wheelie bar

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Associated DR10 Drag Race RTR bearing kit

 This is a custom built bearing kit using Chrome Steel & Ceramic to give you the absolute best performance for the best bang for your buck!


  • 1/10 Assiciated DR 10 Drag race car

26 bearings included:

  • 8- 3x7x3 Chrome Steel
  • 8- 5x10x4 4 Ceramic rubber 4 chrome steel metal**
  • 4- 10x15x4 ceramic rubber
  • 2- 6x13x5 ceramic rubber nylon retainer*

** We went with No contact Metal shield clutch bearings for inside the transmission.  After our research, we have found that the chrome steel 5x10 handles a higher load for much longer than the ceramic 5x10s and doesn't sacrifice much rolling resistance


Chrome Metal Shield

  • Abec 3
  • Pre Greased
  • Chrome steel 
  • Metal shield

This is one of our standard bearings.  Metal shield bearings have less resistance than rubber seal, but don't seal as well.  These will be ideal in an application where you need less friction, but wont see much dirt. These are a great choice for clutch bearings, or in the transmission


Ceramic Hybrid 

  • Abec 5
  • Light oil
  • Ceramic Silicon Nitride Si3N4 balls
  • Chrome steel races
  • Nylon retainers*
  • Rubber & Metal shield mix

Ceramic Hybrids last up to 10xs longer than Chrome Steel bearings.  These are used in applications where high speed, load and temperature are a factor. Ceramic balls are harder and rounder than stainless & chrome steel, so therefore they offer less rolling resistance. 

 *Nylon retainers handle up to 60% more speed than a standard steel retainer