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Differences of bearings

Chrome steel, Ceramic, Stainless, Motor... What does it all mean?

Chrome Steel
This is our standard replacement bearing that fits most needs. In most cases this is an upgrade over your stock bearing.  They come greased, and ready to install and go, with no additional steps.


Stainless Steel

   Stainless Steel is the go-to when wet conditions are a factor. This bearing will not rust out like a chrome steel will, Please note that 440 stainless is a softer material than a Chrome steel, and may wear out faster in ideal conditions.


Ceramic Hybrid*
When you need every ounce of performance, Ceramic is what you want. Ceramics are best used in clean environments where impact and shock is not a factor. Ceramics will require maintenance when you maintain the vehicle, and oiled periodically to make sure you protect your investment.

   *Ceramics do Not come greased unless otherwise noted. It will be up to the user to provide lubrication    
   * Ceramic motor bearings will need to be carefully pressed into place to prevent premature failure


Motor bearings
What makes our motor bearings different than the rest is whats inside.  We use a Nylon retainer to separate the small balls inside the bearing.  The nylon retainer will handle up to 60% more speed than a regular steel retainer, and be more forgiving when it comes to impacts, or rust.   

   We have found that these styles of bearings hold up very well compared to a standard bearing, even when used in extreme conditions, like hubs