Arrma Felony 1/7 Street bash Muscle Car Ceramic Complete Bearing Kit

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Arrma Felony 1/7 Street bash Muscle Car Ceramic Hybrid bearing kit. 

24 bearings:
  • 10- 8x16x5* Ceramic
  • 4- 15x21x4 Ceramic
  • 4- 6x10x3 Ceramic
  • 4- 5x11x4 Ceramic
  • 2- 8x19x6*Ceramic
    * 2 extra 5x11's are for the 1/7 cars


  • Abec 5
  • Light oil
  • Chrome steel races
  • *Nylon  & Steel Retainers
  • Rubber seals


  • All years and versions of the Arrma Felony 1/7 Street bash Muscle Car



Please Note:  

             These bearings come with only a light layer of oil to protect against rust, Please add your choice of oil or grease

  • Add a small amount of grease, or 3 drops of oil to each bearing,
  • Use a small pick or exacto knife to carefully remove the seals,

After installing your new bearings, we suggest the following for break in

-remove the tires 
-Suspend the vehicle or flip it upside down
-Turn power on and run the car at 25% throttle for 3 minutes (use trim setting if you want) while checking motor/ ESC temps
-After 3 minutes move to 50% throttle for 30 seconds while checking temps
- Pull full throttle for 10 seconds
- Go enjoy your Ceramics!

   This process breaks the bearings in and helps them seat themselves, After this, theres no need to do it again to your bearings