Arrma Senton 6s BLX Basher Complete Custom Bearing Kit

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Arrma Senton 6s BLX Basher bearing kit

This is a custom kit we pieced together specifically for the Arrma vehicles, with bashing in less than ideal conditions in mind




  All years and versions of the Arrma Senton 6s BLX




  • Stainless wheel hubs keeps the rust off the vital areas that see rust
  • Stainless Bellcrank bearings should never need replaced again 
  • Stainless  outer diff pinion 
  • Abec 5 metal shield motor bearing for inner diff pinion
  • Chrome steels on the diffs, to add some extra durability over the Stainless



    Hot racing hubs option substitutes stock hub bearings with the following:

    2 hubs

    • 2- 8x16x5 Outer wheel hub bearings
    • 2- 15x24x5 Oversize inner wheel hub bearings

    4 hubs

    • 4- 8x16x5 Outer wheel hub bearings
    • 4- 15x24x5 Oversize inner wheel hub bearings



         Motor bearings includes 2- high speed bearings for the stock Arrma 6s blx motor