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Axial Scx10.2 UMG 6x6 rtr Stainless steel Complete Bearing Kit

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Axial SCX10.ii UMG 6x6 Stainless bearing kit

    30 bearings included:
    • 12- 5x11x4 Stainless
    • 4-5x10x4 Stainless
    • 6- 7x14x3.5 open * Stainless
    • 2- 10x15x4 Stainless
    • 2- 8x16x5 Stainless
    • 4- 5x14x5 Stainless

    Compatible with:

    • AXI03002 UMG 6x6 rtr



    *Our 7x14x.5 cannot include seals, if we include seals it makes the bearing a 7x14x5, which is too wide