Oil with PTFE 15ml

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Jimsbearings PTFE Oil 15ml with precision needle tip

Wont attract dust
Displaces moistures
Greatly reduces friction
Prevents rust & corrosion
Prolongs the life of moving parts

-Lightweight oil adds the maximum amount of protection & least amount of resistance
- Coats the surface & protects after its dry
- Drastically less resistance compared to grease
- Wicks away water & prevents rust
- Does not attract dust & grime like grease




  • 15ml or 30ml squeeze bottle with needle tip
  • Needle tip applicator makes sure the oil goes where you want it



- Bearings
- Cvd's
- Driveshafts
- Motor bearings
- Door hinges
- hair clippers
- 1000+ more uses


Safe on wood, Plastic, Paint, Rubber & Metal



Premium synthetic oil with PTFE additives
Packaged in the USA