Traxxas X MAXX compatible STAINLESS Steel Vitavon Wheel hub knuckle bearings

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For Traxxas Xmaxx Stainless Hot Racing wheel hub bearings

Includes bearings for all 4 Hot Racing hubs


Mud. Water. Snow. Drip Dry. 
If these words are in your vocabulary when it comes to your Rc cars, You're in the right spot!  Our Stainless Steels will get you there and back and won't rust out! 



  • Traxxas Xmaxx 8s with 4- Hot Racing hubs
  • Traxxas Xmaxx 6s with 4- Hot Racing hubs


12 bearings:

  • 4- 20x27x4
  • 4- 15x24x5
  • 4- 17x23x4

**Hot Racing uses 3 bearings per hub




  • Abec 3
  • Pre Greased
  • 440 Stainless steel (softer than chrome steel)
  • Rubber seals
  • Aftermarket Upgraded bearings that meet or exceed Traxxas standards