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TRX-6 6X6 Pass thru center axle

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Traxxas TRX6 Pass thru center axle bearing kit


This kit is works with the following Traxxas vehicles:

  • Tra88096 TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6


15 bearings included:

  • 3- 10x15x4
  • 3- 6x13x5
  • 2- 4x10x4
  • 2- 6x12x4
  • 2- 7x14x5
  • 2- 5x11x4
  • 1- 15x21x4


    Chrome Steel

    This is our standard bearing that we have been stocking since the beginning. Chrome Steel is a great budget friendly bearing that will work in most any application.

    • Abec 3
    • Pre Greased
    • Chrome steel
    • Rubber sealed


    440 Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel bearings offer 75-85% of the strength as the Chrome Steel bearing, but will not corrode when used in wet applications. Stainless Steel also will run safely at a higher temperature than a chrome steel

    • Abec 3
    • Pre Greased
    • 440 Stainless Steel balls retainers & races
    • Rubber sealed


    Ceramic Hybrid 

    Ceramic Hybrids last up to 10xs longer than Chrome Steel bearings.  These are used in applications where high speed, load and temperature are a factor. Ceramic balls are harder and rounder than stainless & chrome steel, so therefore they offer less rolling resistance. 

    • Abec 3
    • Light oil
    • Ceramic Silicon Nitride Si3N4 balls
    • Chrome steel races
    • Chrome steel & reinforced nylon retainers
    • Rubber sealed


    Reinforced nylon retainers

    Reinforced Nylon retainers can handle up to 60% more speed than a chrome steel retainer. Nylon retainers will lose their elasticity and become brittle in colder temperatures.

    *main picture is a stock photo